• We have a network of trained fieldworkers who can collect data in the country.
  • Our Data collection methods are mainly CAPI, CAWI, CATI, Mobile, Online Survey, in-depth Interviews, ethnography, and focus group discussion


  • Data is collected via our automated  platform which offers a faster, more  accurate and cheaper way to run  interviews or surveys.
  • Our data collection technology uses mobile  phones and tablets to collect data. This reduces human errors significantly.We are also able to capture pictures of the respondents and voice recordings of the interview remotely.
  • Allows clients to view live interviews  based on an agreed dashboard  template
  • GPS coordinates functionality, which  enables us to know the exact locations  interview is conducted

The following standards are adhered to ensure  data quality

  1. Scripts (questionnaires) are double-checked on the tablet to ensure skip patterns and all logical syntax is precise.
  2. In-depth briefing and selection of competent interviewers.
  3. Pre-testing of the questionnaire and modification for accuracy.
  4. Close monitoring by Field supervisors through:
  • Group interviews
  • Review of all completed interviews
  • Spot check of each interviewer
  • 100% editing of all questionnaires before synchronization
  • Project coordinator maintains close supervision on interviewers and supervisors throughout the data collection processes.


  • All our fieldwork is coordinated and supervised by seasoned professionals with not less than 5 years of experience. In addition, only interviewers who have worked on at least 5 projects are often used during all our studies.
  • For sensitive studies, only staff that are residents in the study locations are used to reduce or eliminate risk arising from differences in the culture of the people.
  • Data collection is a matter of culture supervised at 3 levels by:

               -The Project Executive/Manager

               -The Field Coordinator or Operations Manager

                -The Quality Assurance (QA) Manager

  • Training manuals (containing details about a study) are prepared prior to the commencement of fieldwork.
  • Immediately after the client’s approval of the final questionnaire, a central training is organized for interviewers, supervisors, and managers who will be directly involved in the execution.
  • The training exercise will expose participants to the nature of the study, research design, sampling procedures, and questionnaire administration among others.
  • Training/briefing and mock interviews are also held at regional levels using the same training manual.
  • After the successful training of all stakeholders, fieldwork will follow without delay and with strict observance of the sampling procedure

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